Losing Weight – A lot of Weight. Part 3 of 3

by admin on November 3, 2011

Part II – What to Do

Eating the Right Way

This section will be much more of a recommendation of authors.  The first is Michael Pollan, and his books The Omnivores Dilemma and In Defense of Food are must-reads.  He also has a much smaller book called Food Rules, which lays out some simple rules for eating proper food.  Essentially, his idea is that anything you eat should generally be something that was available to our grandparents and great grandparents.  Eat real food, not packaged crap.  He also talks about food policy in this country and the politics surrounding that.  The documentary Food Inc., also does a great job with it.

If you have a serious amount of weight to lose, I will say the best way to do it is some form of the Atkins Diet; that is to nearly eliminate carbs from your diet.  Also, it helps to take away from what Pollan wrote and to nearly eliminate carbs by turning to meat and vegetables high in fiber.  If you turn to too much pre-packaged low carb food, you will not have nearly the success.  A great author to read about this is Gary Taubes and his books Good Calorie, Bad Calorie and Why We Get Fat.  Taubes states that the research shows that Dr. Atkins was most likely correct, that animal fat does not make us fat, and that much of it is probably pretty good for us.  He also believes, and I join him, that the low fat craze doesn’t have much real science behind it and that low fat diets are killing this country.

            Finally and this is a passion of mine, CUT HIGH FRUTOSE CORN SYRUP OUT OF YOUR DIET ENTIRELY.  Now this can be hard to do because the crap is everywhere.   Here is what happens when you eat HFCS.  Sometimes your cells need a little sugar, and its best to give them some; even Dr. Atkins said have a little Ice Cream now and again.  But when your body tastes sweet, your cells expect sugar; only they don’t recognize HFCS as sugar, so they essentially make you crave more sugar and you give them more HFCS.  This drives your insulin crazy and soon, you’re getting super fat.  Eliminate the crap.

Finally We Come To Exercise

As for how we’re telling people in this country to exercise, I have only one thing to say: we’re doing it wrong.  Cardio is total nonsense.  It makes us feel good because we breathe hard and sweat, but it in general doesn’t have much use. Now if you’re thing is running or biking and you love doing it, I’m not telling you to stop.  But all this time we spend bouncing on treadmills, stair-stepping, and stripper aerobics is a waste, especially if you’re trying to lose weight.  Also asking an obese person to hop up and down on their joints is just not smart.

We need to redefine healthy from some number on a scale to body fat percentage,  because that is the true measure of health, the amount of lean body mass we have related to our total weight.  Cardio doesn’t help, and may in fact hinder the building of muscle.  The key is weight lifting, but not this 4 sets of 8 reps of 60% of max crap.  Short, but intense, weight lifting.

My workout schedule is this: I lift weights for 15 minutes twice a week, and other than that I chase my 19 month old son around the yard.  The key is that during those 15 minutes you work your muscles to exhaustion.  There are several books on this, Body by Science, The Power of Ten etc..  I know people will doubt this when they read it, but just pick up Body By Science and do the workout for a month, or better yet, find a trainer who is a slow-burn/zero momentum strength training specialist.

I hope my story and ideas on fitness have been quite helpful.  If you have question or want to debate something, please comment and I’m happy to talk about any part of this in greater depth.  Thank you.


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